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Car bumper scratch repair Chelmsford

White Mazda scratches and dents repaired in Chelmsfors CM1

Oops, you did it again. You backed down the driveway a little too close to the hedge. You tried to get the shopping trolley between your vehicle and the next when there wasn’t quite enough room. You leaned against the panels of your car and forgot about that big buckle on your belt. Or perhaps it wasn’t you who did it again; it was someone else who opened their car door too wide in the Chelmsford supermarket car park (why do they never provide quite enough room for modern large cars in these CM1, CM2, and CM3 parking areas?) or rode their bike (or tricycle) too close to the car. Or the dog was pleased to see you come home and jumped up against the car door, or the cat tried to stop him/herself sliding down the bonnet, or the local pigeons decided to have a party on the top of your car.

Speaking of dirty cars here is an article from our blog that demonstrates the Importance of cleaning your car internally and externally. Once you've cleaned your car all chips, dents and  scratches are clearly visible and can be targeted for repair.

There are hundreds of ways that you can scratch or damage your car’s paintwork, ranging from the everyday and ordinary close encounters in the supermarket through to slightly more bizarre situations (a lot of the bizarre ones involve animals). Then you’ve got the issue of deliberate wilful damage by some prat who decides to “key” your car and deliberately ruins the shiny finish out of sheer spite.

Bentley Car Dent Repair Brentwood (before)
Bentley Car Dent Repair Brentwood

A magnificent black Bentley Continental polished to perfection in Brentwood

We all know it’s a pain to haul your car down to the panel beaters or paint shop to get dents and dings ironed out of the metal, or to get the scratches in the paint repaired – with a lot of these companies, you need to take time off work so you can drop off and pick up the vehicle during working hours. It’s a nuisance and we know it. This is why you can conjure up the Panel Wizard – that’s us – to come to your Chelmsford place (or your Brentwood based workplace, or your Billerciay home) to take care of all your car paint repair needs with our mobile car scratch repair services.

Porsche Car Scratch Repair Chipping Ongar (before)
Porsche Car Scratch Repair Chipping Ongar (after)
Mobile car scratch repair in Chipping Ongar - a beautiful white Porsche

Why Minor Damage To Vehicles Needs To Be Fixed

So why does it matter? We don’t worry too much about scuffs and scratches on old furniture and leather goods, as these are though to give these items “character”. Why don’t scratches, dents and scuffs give your car character as well? Especially in the case of a good old Range Rover or Jeep that’s been used for what it was designed about the fields around South Woddham Ferrers? After all, the car drives OK with a scratch down it and it is still legally roadworthy with a scratch on the doors. Why do you need to bother getting scratches, dents and bumper scuffs dealt with?

Mobile Scratch Repair Chelmsford

Scratched paint repaired and polished in Chelmsford

The first reason is because scratches, scuffs and the like devalue your car. It can be hard enough without scratches to help your vehicle hold its value as time goes by. When the time comes to move your old vehicle on and get an upgrade, you won’t get quite as good a price as you could have if the paintwork is in poor condition with loads of scratches and scrapes all over the place. Not in Brentwood you won't. Dents and bumper scuffs are even more of a problem and lower the resale value of your vehicle even further, and may even put quite a few potential customers off. In other words, it pays – literally – to get car paintwork scratches repaired!

Secondly, minor dents and scratches are ugly, so arranging for minor car dent repairs is a matter of aesthetics. Like it or not, a lot of people around us judge our character and status by the cars we drive (yep, it is an Essex thing, guilty as charged :)) not just the type of vehicle itself (whether they consider the body style or the marque) but also the condition of the vehicle. What looks better parked at the kerb in Central Chelmsford or in the Billericay staff parking area: an Audi with scratches, dents and chips all over the paintwork, or an ordinary Toyota or Mazda with impeccably kept shiny paintwork? The logo on the front bumper won’t count for much and won’t provide much kudos if the rest of the vehicle’s exterior is badly kept. Even in Essex. Besides, why shouldn’t you take pride in your vehicle’s appearance and make sure that it looks good?

Mobile car scratch repair Billericay

Scratch and dents repaired in your drive - we come to you

The third reason why you need to fix car paint, even teeny little scrapes and chips, is psychological. If you tell yourself “It doesn’t matter – it’s only a little bit of paint and I don’t need to bother about calling in the mobile car scratch removal guys,” you’ll start to adopt an attitude of apathy and general procrastination when it comes to your vehicle. Before long, the “I can’t be blowed to deal with it” attitude will spread to other areas of car maintenance and before you know it, you won’t be bothered to check the oil as often as you ought to, keep the window washing fluid and other fluids topped up or change the air filters (or the oil) as often as you really need to.

Last but definitely not least, even minor dents, scratches and chips can increase the risk of rust affecting the bodywork beneath the paint. Paint isn’t just on your car to make it look good. Paint also is the first line of defence against the elements that want to corrode the structural metal that makes your car safe and sturdy. A gap in the paint provides an entry point for grit, salt and water to get through and to start attacking the metal below. This creates a vicious cycle, where the corroded metal will cause the paint to flake or chip off further, exposing more metal to grit and moisture, and the problem gets worse and worse. Somebody once said that rust is like cancer for cars, and they’re right, especially with our habit of putting salt on the roads in winter.

So no excuses: if you see a scratch, dent or ding – even just a little one, you need to make sure that it gets fixed ASAP.

Why Mobile Scratch Repair Services Are Better Than DIY Jobs

Some of you might think that in the case of paint scratches, such as the ones around the keyhole when you’ve tried to unlock the car in the dark and have missed, it’s possible to fix them yourself without the need for a professional. OK, you can do this if you really want to but it is a lot easier to call in the mobile services from Panel Wizard to do the job for you. Our technicians cover Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay, South Woodham Ferrers and all areas in between.

Vans and cars scratch and dent removal service South Woodham Ferrers

Here’s why our car paint repair services are superior to DIY jobs:

  • It saves you time. If you want to fix your own car paint scratches, you have to go down to the automotive supply shop to get a pen or can of the right paint (and you need to take the time to match the shade and type properly or the finished job will look weird), plus other equipment. Then you have to take the time to get busy with sandpaper, fillers and the paint itself – in other words, a good chunk of your spare time, probably in the weekend, especially as it’s often too dark and you’re too tired to do the job properly when you get home from work.
  • It’s cheaper than you think. Car scratch repair costs aren’t exorbitant, especially when you take into consideration what you’re saving by not buying your own paint and all the other equipment. Contact the team here at Panel Wizard if you want to find out what fixing your scratches or dents will cost.
  • No storage issues. Unless you’ve got a massive scratch, the touch-up pens or spray cans of automotive paint will be more than you need. Which means that you need to find a place in your garage or other storage areas for them, adding to the clutter that (we’d be ready to bet money on it) is already there.
  • We can do more than just scratch repairs! OK, you can touch up a little scratch in the paint, but you probably don’t have the equipment needed to repair minor dents. We do, and as well as providing mobile scratch repairs, we do minor car dent repairs as well. If something’s struck the side of your car and chipped the paint, there’s a chance that it’s dented the panelwork as well. Safe yourself time and hassles by calling in our mobile car dent removal services – and we’ll take care of the scratches and scuffs at the same time.
Smart Repairs Witham (before)
Smart Repairs Witham (after)

Smart repairs in Witham

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