The Origins of Panel Wizard Mobile Scratch Repair

Panel Wizard came about because of a very common problem that happens to drivers all across Essex: scratches, dings and scuffs to the bodywork and bumpers that aren’t serious enough to be worth taking time out to haul the car down to the panelbeater’s shop but are too big to be dealt with using the cut-and-polish method using some proprietary product from the automotive supplies shop.

Mobile car paint scratches removal and repair Chelmsford - before

Mobile car paint scratches removal and repair Brentwood - before

Mobile car paint scratches removal and repair Chelmsford - after

Mobile car paint scratches removal and repair Brentwood - after

Let’s face it: although you could in theory repair your own scratches but there’s no denying that you need to have all the right equipment (a lot more than you think) and exactly the right type of paint for your vehicle to get a perfect match. On top if this, if you try to do it yourself, you have to spend quite a lot of time on the job as well, especially with deeper scratches that have removed the colour layer or the base coat, exposing the metal beneath. Even if you try to do the job yourself, you’re going to be left with leftover paint that sometimes sits in your garage or toolshed for years, taking up space and generally being a nuisance (and you often end up holding onto half a can of paint long after you’ve sold the car you bought it for).

It’s just not worth the hassle trying to do the job yourself.

It’s also not worth the hassle of taking time off work or doing without a car for a few days, which tends to be what’s needed if you take the car to the panel  workshop. Two or three days is a long time to wait just to get minor damage to vehicles repaired.

And now you know why we created Panel Wizards. We know just how much hassle it can be either trying to do the job yourself or taking your vehicle down to the panel beaters. So we put together our mobile service repair services, making it easy for you to get all those small bodywork repair jobs done.

Avsilable in Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay, South Wodham Ferrers - Postcodes CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4, Cm11 and CM12

Our team of mobile car scratch repair experts has all the tools needed to remove bumper scuffs, iron out minor car dents and undertake car paint repair jobs. We’ve also got the expertise to know how to fix shallow scratches and deep scratches – and to tell the difference between them. What’s more, because we’re trained mobile car dent removal agents, we can also tell when a dent is just a minor dent that we can fix on the spot or whether it’s something more serious that really should be treated by a panel beater and is worth contacting your insurance agent about – or the insurance agent of the prat who rear-ended you.

Paint Colour: The Aspect Of Scratch Repairs Amateurs Overlook

We’re also experts in matching paint colours as part of our mobile service repairs. One thing that surprises many amateurs trying to do their own car scratch repairs is that not all shades of white, to name just one of the many car colours out there, are created equal. Plain colours, metallic, pearlescents, dozens of shades of blue, white and grey, plus all the other colours of the rainbow from British racing green to neon yellows. Even the plainest, most basic whites differ from marque to marque, and the plain white of a BMW is different from the plain white of a Toyota – and if you try to use BMW white to fix scratches in the paintwork of a Toyota, you’ll soon notice the difference and leave a flaw in the paintwork that looks worse than the original scratch. Even within a single car marque, the exact shade and finish of car paint will differ according to the year of manufacture. Taking shortcuts about selecting the right paint when you want car paintwork scratches repaired is a bad mistake.

However, our Panel Wizards know where and how to find out exactly what shade of paint your car requires and can get a perfect match – yes, even on old classic Austins, VW Beetles, Minis and Ford Anglias (we can’t resist a Harry Potter shout-out here with a name like Panel Wizard). For the most common colours and marques, we probably already have ample supplies of the right shades ready to go. We can even take care of scratch repairs on two-tone vehicles. And yes, we also repair scratches on the paintwork of motorbikes, caravans, trucks, trailers and even buses (including house buses).

We also have ample supplies of the right fillers, rubbing agents, base coats and clear coats. We also get the job of sanding and prepping the surface prior to fixing a scratch done a lot quicker than you can, as we have handy machines that aren’t just portable but also get the job done super quick to super high standards. (You didn’t know that you needed to sand and prep the area? This is why you need our mobile car scratch removal services! Give us a call today and we’ll take care of your little problem for you.)

Fixing Dings, Dents And Scuffs in Chelmsford

One of the other services provided by Panel Wizard is minor car dent repairs in Chelmsford. We know just how common minor bumps to the bodywork are. The most common place this happens is in supermarket carparks: someone parks too close and opens the door too wide, or the full trolley develops a mind of its own and clips the paintwork instead of the bumper. Other minor dents and dings happen at home – even the cat jumping from the garage roof onto the bumper, a dog racing down the driveway and careening into the side of the car, or a misplaced football flying from the foot of a wannabe Wayne Rooney can spoilt the bodywork.

It can be tempting to just ignore minor dings and dents, but they do more than merely make your car look tacky. They can leave your colleagues and neighbours wondering just how bad a driver you are. Worse still, they also lead to chips and cracks in the finish of your paint, which provides an entry point for grit and moisture, leading to rust and much more serious problems. In addition, dings also affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle and may increase drag – meaning a larger fuel bill for you in the long run!

There’s no need to tolerate minor dings, bumper scuffs and dents when all it takes to get them repaired is a quick call to Panel Wizard. If you’ve dented your paintwork by accidentally stumbling, falling onto the car and creasing the metal (it happens!), your car’s bodywork can be fixed even before any bruises and scratches you’ve picked up can heal.

How Panel Wizard’s Mobile Car Body Repairs Work

The process of dealing with paint scratches, bumper scuffs, stone chips in the paint and minor dents just couldn’t be simpler. The only way it could be quicker and easier would be if our Panel Wizards actually did have magic wands. Here’s how it works:

  • You discover a dent, scratch, ding or scuff on the body of your car, truck, motorbike, 4x4, SUV, trailer, lorry or caravan…
  • You call Panel Wizard and tell us what the problem is. (Telling us the year, make, model and colour of the car can also help us speed up the process of matching the right shade of paint, but if you’re not sure, then we can take care of this for you).
  • You send us pictures of the damage including close up images. Please send us clear pictures of your washed car with the damage clearly visible (here is some handy advice how to clean your car if you are interested in reading an article on our blog). 
  • We provide an estimated price over the phone so you can have an idea if this repair is within your budget.
  • You let us know the time and place that will suit you best. Panel Wizard can send out a repair person anywhere in the Havering Borough. Here are some of the areas we cover: Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay, South Woodham Ferrers postcode area Cm1, CM2, CM3, CM4, CM11 and CM12. Please call us on  07912 059 413 to confirm if we cover your area.
  • Our Panel Wizard will come to the place specified and fix the problem.
  • You get the invoice – you’ll be pleasantly surprised that mobile car scratch repairs don’t cost as much as you might think.

Sound simple? It is! Just contact Panel Wizard right now.